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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Who OWN USA - Federal Reserve ?

PFA Asia Malaysia financial planner on Who Own Federal Reserve

Over the past few months, we have taken an eagle observation eye on the happenings and surroundings of the world. We discovered that there are many past history in the monetary systems provide clues of what is happening in the future.

Recently we have the news of USA government department shut down due to debt ceiling issue. Beside the political opinion difference, what really behind all these financial mess ?

In view of this, we in PFA Asia has decided to elevate the sights to share some articles surrounding the economy, monetary systems and hope it give the readers a fresh perspective of the relationship between the consumer and monetary system. 

Many bankers, stock analysts, fund broking house are all giving commentary of the effect of the Quantitative Easing. In short, QE is a money printing process and Federal Reserve in USA are responsible to print, circulate the paper money around the globe for day to day transaction.

Have you ever asked, who give this ultimate power of Monetary Easing to the Federal Reserve, Have you ever wondered, who owns or control the Federal Reserve ? 

Federal Reserve was formed way back in 1775 to print the first money during American Revolution, known as Continentals. It has gone through many rough patches in history before establish itself to become the "Central Bank" of America. 

However, due to change in the political climate, monetary policies, the functions of Federal Reserve has changed.

In essence, Federal Reserve is gazetted as a check writing machine or money printing money that creates paper money. Given this huge power, will there be abuse ?

3 questions come to the mind :
1) Who owns the Federal Reserve ? 
    Is it by a group a stakeholders who are private banker who are interlinked ?

2) How does Federal Reserve get its money and boost its reserve ?
     Is it just via Open Market Operations to buy bonds or Treasury bills ?

3) If Federal Reserve is owned by a group of private bankers as stakeholders, then every
  treasury bills issued with a guarantee return 6% is profit for the stakeholders ?

We invite and encourage you to explore and read the following 2 articles for more understanding and knowledge. The truth might be shocking. Stay in the know and stay tuned for next article..what happen when a country bankrupt ?
PFA Asia Malaysia financial planner on Who Owns Federal Reserve

Reference :
History of Federal Reserve
Global Research on Who owns Federal Reserve ?


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